2020 Commercial and Industrial Lighting Bonus

Energy Trust is offering a limited-time bonus incentive to commercial and industrial customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power who install lighting projects, including:

  • High and Low-Bay LEDs
  • Exterior LEDs
  • LED Screw-in and decorative lamps
  • Interior LED Fixtures
  • 4’ TLEDs with existing ballast removed or replaced

Energy Trust cash incentives help Oregon businesses save energy and money by reducing upfront costs and creating long-term energy savings. Incentives are subject to availability and may change. The total incentive provided for prescriptive measures, including bonus, may not exceed 100 percent of total measure cost.

In addition to the prescriptive measures listed above, Energy Trust is offering an increase on qualifying custom measures which will be calculated at a maximum of 50% of the total eligible measure costs not to exceed $0.25/annual kWh saved.

Read more about the requirements and bonus incentive amounts.

Note: The 2020 Lighting Tool has been updated with the bonus incentive information.

For questions about the bonus incentive, or to get an updated 2020 Lighting Tool, contact Mariah Schrotzberger at 503.939.9383.