2016 lighting incentive adjustments

Each year we adjust our incentives to align with market pricing, lighting technology trends and opportunities, and how we can most effectively meet our annual kWh savings goals. Next year’s adjustments will place a strong emphasis on controls combined with LED technology to maximize savings. The role that legacy technologies (including fluorescent, CFL and HID) play in the program will continue to sunset as LED technology takes on a larger role across nearly all lighting applications. The updated 2016 incentives will be announced and the updated Lighting Tool and 190L form will be emailed out just prior to the annual trade ally trainings in January. New incentives will become effective Monday, February 1, 2016, and all projects must be completed using the updated Lighting Tool from that date forward.

It was mentioned in November that we would issue a new Lighting Tool late in the year to correct an internal calculation and reporting error. After much discussion, it was decided that our staff would continue to apply the correction as the projects are submitted in order to keep the process simple for trade allies and participants. Therefore, we will stay with the current version of the Lighting Tool (v3.2) until the next scheduled update which will be effective February 1, 2016.

If you have questions about 2016 incentive changes or the lighting tool, please contact Aaron Leatherwood, lighting program manager, at 503.724.9375.