Energy Trust Solar program launches PowerClerk upgrade

Last month the Energy Trust solar program successfully launched an upgrade to PowerClerk, the online platform used by solar trade allies to submit incentive applications on behalf of their customers. This upgraded platform is much more flexible and brings with it many new features

  • Updated solar production estimation method – PowerClerk can now estimate system production using the whole project not just qualifying modules and the methodology used has been updated to useTMY3 meteorological data. That means that the estimated production reflected on the application will be more closely aligned to PV Watts – the industry standard.
  • Electronic signature tracking – Applications still waiting on electronic signature can now be easily distinguished which allows solar trade allies to quickly and easily follow up with customers that have documents still outstanding.
  • Improved Battery Storage data – Energy Trust worked with Clean Power Research to create a battery storage system module that more accurately reflects the systems currently available and provides us with better data quality showing the capability and capacity of the solar plus storage systems installed. Watch for more to come here!

Trade allies should update their browser bookmark to save the new web-address for PowerClerk. All incentive application processing will occur in the upgraded PowerClerk platform. The new URL is: 

As part of the upgrade rollout, staff hosted two webinars for trade allies, a Pre-Launch Live Demo, and a Post-Launch Q&A Session. Staff also created updated on-demand training videos, which trade allies can access at any time on the Solar Insider site. The videos cover the basics of application submission and processing, and will be updated periodically to reflect questions that contractors bring to us.

Look for more improvements over the coming months. Trade allies with any questions about the PowerClerk upgrade or incentive application processing should direct them to