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Become a Trade Ally

Roughly 1,600 trade ally contractors and 170 allied professionals help thousands of Oregon families and businesses save energy and money and reduce their impact on the environment. With the customer referrals, training, resources and cash incentives we provide, joining Energy Trust’s Trade Ally Network is good for your business and your customers.

We’re committed to supporting the contractors, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and others who help make Energy Trust successful. Trade ally membership is free and the benefits are outstanding. Joining our network is good for your business and your customers. Some benefits include:

  • Business leads. When customers call us and need a contractor, we refer them to local trade allies.
  • Cash incentives. We give cash back (or discounts) to you or your customers for completing energy-efficiency or renewable energy projects, including seasonal promotions and discounts.
  • Specialized training. We offer classes to improve your understanding of emerging technologies and techniques to increase your equipment and service sales.
  • Technical assistance. Enjoy onsite assistance and access to energy experts. We also provide free energy-use analyses that evaluate your customers’ current energy use and identify ways to improve efficiency (subject to program specifications and requirements).
  • Promotional materials and publicity. Market your business with Energy Trust materials. Benefit from being listed on Energy Trust’s website and from being featured in case studies, news releases and more.
  • Business development funds. Energy Trust provides funds to offset a portion of your qualified marketing and training costs.
  • Industry connections. Join our network and you become part of an extensive group of distributors, contractors and manufacturers with the latest innovations from the field.
  • Tax credit assistance. We provide you and your customers with information about applying for applicable energy tax credits.
  • A voice in shaping our direction. Share feedback, network with other energy professionals, make requests and get the assistance you need from us by attending our annual forums.

Here’s how to get join the Trade Ally Network:

  • Become a trade ally: A step-by-step process for contractors interested in becoming a trade ally

Questions? Contact us at 1.866.368.7878.