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Electric Vehicle Ready

For EPS New Construction

Electric vehicle (EV) ready homes are built to allow for easier installation of an EV charger when the time is right. By designing an energy smart home with a reserved 50 amp breaker on the main service panel, a dedicated NEMA 14-50 outlet, and reserved wall space for EV charging equipment, you can add flexibility and value to your homes. Energy Trust offers resources to help you build EV ready and distinguish your homes in the marketplace by showcasing this valuable feature to your customers.

To build your homes EV ready, talk to your program verifier and share the electric vehicle ready residential installation requirements with your licensed electrical subcontractor.

Pair with our other energy smart home offerings, such as net zero and solar + storage ready, to earn additional incentives for qualified homes.

For more information, questions or comments, email our EPS New Construction team or call us at 1.877.283.0698.

  1. Learn about available incentives. Before construction starts, contact Energy Trust at 1.877.283.0698 or email us to discuss your project and learn about available incentives.
  2. Hire trade allies to support your project. Work with your program-approved verifier and your electrician to inform your project design and to conduct program inspections. Installation site must be in Oregon and grid connected with electricity provided by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power.
  3. Share the specifications. Ensure the project meets the electric vehicle ready installation requirements by sharing the specifications with your licensed electrical subcontractor and design team.
  4. Receive incentives. Your verifier will inspect the infrastructure for compliance at first and second inspections. You will receive your incentive with your whole-home incentive check at project completion.

Electric Vehicle Ready
Energy Trust provides a maximum incentive of $200 per home to builders to reduce the installation cost of verified infrastructure for electric vehicle systems.

Electric vehicle ready homes must include:

  • A code compliant 208/240 V, 50 A dedicated branch circuit in garage to accommodate future Level 2 Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE), with:
    • Dedicated NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage at the termination of the branch circuit that is installed in a 4×4” recessed deep metal box, and located 36” above the finished floor. The box must be clearly labeled “Reserved for EV Charger”
    • Reserved 3’x4’ area above the outlet unobstructed for the future installation of wall-mounted EVSE
    • Reserved 2’ area directly in front of the outlet unobstructed to ease use of EVSE
  • Outlet location must:
    • Be adjacent to the parking stall
    • Assume a maximum EVSE cord length of 24 feet
  • Service panel with a dedicated 208/240V, 50 A breaker:
    • Located at the opposite end of the panel busbar from the main breaker to accommodate future vehicle-to-grid charging
    • Clearly labeled “Reserved for EV Charger”

Installed EV Charging Equipment

Homes with installed EV charging equipment can also qualify for electric vehicle ready incentives.

See the Resources tab for a link to the electric vehicle ready residential installation requirements for complete details.