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Accessory Dwelling Units

For EPS New Construction

Incentives for Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are becoming more and more popular as homeowners see the value of having an extra living or rental space on their property. ADUs can also benefit you as a builder. Energy Trust offers performance-based incentives to builders of energy-efficient ADUs that earn an EPS. Qualifying units must meet specific efficiency requirements, and are designed to deliver low energy costs and superior overall performance.

To begin the process, meet with an Energy Trust trade ally verifier during the design phase. The verifier will work with you to make sure your ADU meets Energy Trust incentive specification requirements.

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An ADU is a structure that permits with the local jurisdiction as an accessory dwelling for intended use as living quarters. To qualify for incentives, the ADU must receive an EPS and:

  • Be sited in Energy Trust territory
  • Be permitted as an ADU by the local jurisdiction
  • Have its own USPS mailing address separate from the main residence
  • Be intended for use as a primary residence
  • Must contain bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area
  • Adhere to square footage limitations set by local jurisdiction
  • Receive its own third-party verification
  • Be built by a builder or owner-builder who is a trade ally with Energy Trust’s Residential program
  • Energy-efficient design must be comparable to main residence
  • Modeled as an individual unit
    • Models must include surface areas, conditioned area, volume and mechanical equipment for attached ADU
    • Model surface areas between the ADU and the adjoining dwelling unit as adiabatic, between conditioned spaces/units
  1. Establish project eligibility (see Eligibility tab).
  2. Select a third-party verifier in accordance with Energy Trust’s requirements.
  3. Your verifier will inspect your home and perform diagnostic tests to evaluate energy performance.
  4. Once the home has been built and verified, your verifier will update the project model with inspection details and performance results, confirm your incentives and issue the final EPS.

Questions? Contact us at 1.877.283.0698.