New incentive available for energy-efficient emergency generator block heaters

Existing Buildings now offers cash incentives for energy-efficient emergency generator block heaters. Hospitals, data centers, universities, utility companies and grocery stores maintain emergency generators in case of emergency. When the power goes out, generators supply back-up power until the utility source can be restored.

Generator blocks need to stay at 110 degrees Fahrenheit at all times to ensure a quick and reliable start. Most existing generator block heaters depend on thermo-siphoning to maintain engine block temperatures. These heaters tend to have extreme temperature gradients across the engine block and in the coolant hoses. Due to these inefficiencies, thermo-siphon heaters run longer and use more electricity. A pumped block heater eliminates wasteful hot spots and saves an average of 1,000 to 14,000 kWh per year. As an added benefit, coolant hoses are also often replaced when the pumped block heater is installed, helping to reduce the chance of brittle hoses bursting and ensuring that the generator will run when needed.

Energy Trust offers a $200 to $1,500 cash incentive depending on the size of the generator.

More information on generator block heater incentives is available here.

For additional information, contact Alex Snook, trade ally coordinator, at 503.407.7286.