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Marketing tip: Leverage your leads

Make the most of your sales leads, and your customers, by training your team to remember four simple words:

  • How: When a potential customer calls to schedule an appointment or get information, always ask how they learned about your business. Keep track of the information you gather and use it to evaluate what’s working and not working in your marketing efforts.
  • Why: When you convert a lead into a customer, ask them why they chose your business over other contractors. Were they influenced by cost, experience, services, product lines or something else? Use what you learn to refine your marketing messages and speak more directly to customer needs.
  • Please: When a job is complete, ask each satisfied customer to please provide a testimonial about their experience. It can be as simple as asking them to write an endorsement on a postcard. Even better, videotape their testimonial and post it on your website.
  • Thanks: Show your appreciation for customers who endorse your business. Follow up with a gift card or a free service. This investment will deliver great returns in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.