Lighting Design Lab discontinues Qualified Products List

The Lighting Design Lab announced that it will discontinue its qualified products list (QPL) and will take its final product submittals on April 30, 2017. After April 30, no new products will be considered for listing on the QPL.

Unlike the Design Lights Consortium, the Lighting Design Lab QPL is updated based on the length of product listing instead of increased efficiency standards. All Lighting Design Lab products are listed for one year before expiration. After on year, the manufacturer must re-apply for the product to be placed back on the QPL. As product listings expire, Lighting Design Lab’s QPL will shrink as products will not be renewed. The final listing will expire on July 31, 2018.

Like the Design Lights Consortium’s QPL changes, this will not affect active projects through Energy Trust. Please use the most current version of Lighting Design Lab’s QPL for new project submittals as products will continuously be removed from the list with each update after April 2017. Energy Trust will continue to honor Lighting Design Lab’s QPL until its expiration. Projects submitted with delisted products are eligible for up to 90 days following that product’s removal from the QPL.

For more information, visit the Lighting Design Lab website.