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Identifying business opportunities at K-12 schools

Front of a school building. Sign says Music and Science.K-12 public schools often need to replace or retrofit old equipment to keep it functioning optimally. These projects can lead to more opportunities to make schools energy efficient through additional capital projects. School district websites are required to post public information that can help you determine what kinds of projects they are able to do in the coming year. You can gain a competitive edge by reviewing school district websites for current and future opportunities, and finding the right contacts.

By using school district website’s search engines, you can often determine:

  • Bond information, including links to current or planned projects
  • Opportunities related to the current year’s budget, along with the next year’s budget, posted each spring
  • Capital projects, to find opportunities related to current and future projects
  • Utility budgets to see current and previous years’ expenditures for electricity and natural gas

Energy Trust’s Existing Buildings schools team can help you navigate this information, having already completed much of the legwork for you. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about working with K-12 schools. Check out the K-12 Schools fact sheet.

Contact Tom Hogstad, outreach manager, at 503.459.2686 or Randy Isaac, account manager, at 503.278.1019 to learn more.