Changes to Home Energy Reviews in 2015: in-home reviews discontinued, online and phone reviews still available

Due to shifting demands in the marketplace, Energy Trust will discontinue in-home Home Energy Reviews in 2015. On January 1, 2015, references to the in-home Home Energy Review will be removed from the Energy Trust website, and customers will be directed to the online Home Energy Profile tool. Requests for in-home reviews will be accommodated through January 31, and delivery must be complete by February 28.

Trade allies are encouraged to direct customers to Energy Trust’s simple online Home Energy Profile tool. The Home Energy Profile will serve as the primary no-cost option for customers seeking third-party recommendations for energy-efficiency improvements, allowing Energy Trust to efficiently provide customer education and generate leads for trade allies. The Existing Homes call center will continue to provide phone consultation services to customers with specific inquiries about home energy improvement opportunities.

To gain a better understanding of the tool, complete the Home Energy Profile tool and see what it provides for customers: an energy ranking, savings estimate and energy-saving recommendations for their home. After completing a Home Energy Profile, customers are directed to the Find a Contractor web page to drive referrals to your business.