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Business development tip: Managing customer satisfaction

Managing customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction go hand in hand. When you set realistic expectations and consistently meet or exceed them, your customers are likely to be satisfied with your work. Happy customers are your best source of referrals and are more likely to call on you again in the future. It’s a smart business practice to ensure your customers are satisfied.

So how do you satisfy customers? Start by listening to what your customer needs and wants, and then propose solutions. Clearly articulate—to the customer and your staff—how and when you will meet a customer’s expectations. If you promise more than you can deliver, customers can be dissatisfied. When you establish clear expectations and meet them, you can win your customer’s trust and respect.

If a customer is dissatisfied, remain professional and take the time to understand why he or she is unhappy. Apologize and make it clear that you share the concern and want to resolve the issue. Rather than placing blame on past actions, focus on the next steps you and your staff can take to address the situation. Take detailed notes about the concerns, and read them back to the customer to demonstrate that you’ve heard them. Share the notes with your staff to help them understand how to avoid similar problems in the future. By responding to complaints with empathy and professionalism, you can regain trust and respect and earn another satisfied customer.