Residential standard incentives to sunset in 2024

Energy Trust’s Solar program is planning to sunset standard residential solar incentives in 2024. Exact dates have not been determined, but the change will likely take effect mid-year. 

Oregon’s solar market has thrived over the past several years, even as Solar incentives decreased. Energy Trust has determined that our standard market solar incentives are no longer influential in the market. Energy Trust will continue our targeted efforts like solar offers for low- and moderate-income and resilience for the standard market and low- and moderate- income market. 

Energy Trust’s Solar program will continue supporting standard solar customers and trade allies through upstream efforts, such as marketing, customer education, improvements in the solar leads process, and financing. These efforts will benefit trade allies directly by building even greater customer awareness, supporting trade ally development and generating leads. 

We recognize that this is a shift in how the Solar program supports trade allies and customers. Energy Trust is committed to transparency and will provide updates and additional details as dates are determined and planning continues. 

Please reach out to Kyle Holmes, associate program manager, if you have questions or comments. Watch Insider for additional updates in coming weeks.