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Trade Ally Rating

For Solar Program

Effective in 2017, solar trade allies will receive a star rating that reflects their performance with the program. Each star, out of a possible total of three stars, represents a different rating category: program service, quality service, and customer service. A trade ally can receive zero, one-half or one full star for each category.

Solar Trade Ally Rating Report

Each trade ally will receive a detailed quarterly report on their performance during the rating period and their new rating, so there is ample opportunity to improve to or maintain a high rating. The report will focus on areas of potential improvement as well as benchmarking an individual contractor’s performance against the rest of the industry. This information will improve the overall performance with the program, as well as reward trade allies with high ratings with increased eligibility in various program benefits.

Star Rating Benefits

RatingAnnual Amount*Cooperative Marketing**Training and Events**Solar Leads**Pilot Programs**
rating-three$8,000 50 percent reimbursement50 percent reimbursement;
maximum of $250
rating-two-half$4,000 30 percent reimbursement30 percent reimbursement;
maximum of $100
rating-two$1,000 Projects can be pre-approved but are not eligible for reimbursement30 percent reimbursement;
maximum of $100
Fewer than two stars$400 Projects can be pre-approved but are not eligible for reimbursement30 percent reimbursement; maximum of $100 per training, events are not eligibleNoNo

*Minimum $75 reimbursement per request, see steps to receive reimbursement for more details

**Preapproval required

***Trade allies who apply for and achieve NABCEP PV Company Accreditation may qualify to receive 100% reimbursement for costs associated with the accreditation application up to the annual cap.

Solar Leads

Solar trade allies rated as 2.5 stars and above are eligible to receive free solar customer leads from Energy Trust. The Energy Trust website receives a high volume of traffic for potential customers, and our online solar bid request form is an excellent resource for connecting them with qualified trade ally contractors like you. Customers will choose to be put in touch with either two or three trade allies to receive competitive proposals.

Eligible trade allies who wish to receive solar leads from the program must complete a Solar Program Leads Participation Agreement and adhere to all participation requirements.

Send all forms and questions to with “Solar Leads” in the subject line.