Green Building Registry now includes EPS new homes

Energy Trust recently worked with Earth Advantage to add EPS data to their Green Building Registry for all homes that have received, or will receive, an EPS rating. This will give EPS new homes even more visibility among customers.

Earth Advantage’s Green Building Registry is a database that provides information about green and energy efficient homes. It integrates with Multiple Listing Services (MLS), meaning more homebuyers and real estate professionals will have access to EPS information. Available data will now include:

  • The date a home received an EPS
  • The EPS rating of the home
  • A downloadable version of the home’s EPS sheet

This information is publicly available for appraisers to consider when assessing home values. In addition, prospective homebuyers can access this data to better understand home pricing and energy efficient features.

Visit the Green Building Registry website to access data for EPS homes.

For questions related to this integration, contact the EPS trade ally coordinator at 1.866.365.3526.