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Glenna Wiseman

Glenna Wiseman, founder of Identity3, is a marketing and business development expert who has been dedicated to the solar industry since 2007. She works with companies along the solar supply chain from manufacturers to installers, financing entities to O&M providers and across continents to global PV firms. She has fueled growth in start-ups to divisions of Fortune 500 companies. Glenna has developed a unique expertise in marketing for solar installation firms, including five years as VP of Marketing for HelioPower, a leading California integrator. She is a recognized writer and speaker in the solar industry, covering a wide range of topics, and presentations at industry events including Solar Power International. She is a member of WISE, Women in Solar Energy, and has pioneered research and industry awareness related to marketing solar to women, America’s “Chief Purchasing Officers.” Her work in this area has been featured in many publications and presented to dealers via such leading industry firms as Enphase Energy. This year, Glenna was recognized as one of the 100 People Shaping #Cleantech on Twitter.